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Birds Found at Rocklands bird sanctuary plus Traveller reviews

Jamaica Bird Sanctuary

Birds at Rocklands bird sanctuary Montego Bay The Red-billed Streamertail and Jamaican Mango are so tame that they will come straight to a handheld bottle of sugar water and some of them will even sit on your finger to feed. There are 4 species of hummingbird in Jamaica, three of them can be found at […]

Bob Marley Museum Tour

Bob Marley Museum tour

Bob Marley Museum Tour Bob Marley Museum is located along Hope Road in the former residence of the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley. The structure has two storeys, the lower being masonry and the upper of timber.  The Museum houses memorabilia of the Legendary Reggae Singer and Superstar Bob Marley. Reggae music is identifiable with Jamaica’s […]